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6x6 Business Transformation

Reinvigoration's approach to business change and transformation takes you on a meticulous journey from scoping through to delivery across each core area of your business operations.

As experiences Operational Excellence consultants, our approach to transforming businesses and embedding operational excellence – be it across finance, shared services or other business functions – is broken down into six focus areas, each of which is considered from six perspectives.

This methodical approach ensures that the work is broken down into manageable stages and that the recommendations and changes we make at each stage are specific and pragmatic – both for project leaders and operational staff implementing changes on the ground.

The activities aligned with focus area will depend on your organisation’s exact requirements.


Diagram showing Reinvigoration's 6 by 6 step process to transforming business into more efficient, profitable and engaging places to work.

Organisations that have benefited from Reinvigoration’s expertise