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7 Levers to Optimise Shared Services Operations
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7 Levers to Optimise Shared Services Operations

‘Shared services’ typically refers to classic business support functions such as finance and accounting, HR/Payroll, IT and procurement, and in some organisations smaller support functions such as legal services.

Put simply, a shared services approach is usually commissioned with the primary aim of reducing costs by achieving economies of scale. A secondary benefit often quoted is to improve levels of service delivery by creating process expertise.

Whilst a shared services approach can prove to be highly successful, it can also become particularly challenging. From our experience at Reinvigoration, the two greatest challenges that threaten to undermine the success of a shared services model are poor transition execution (as this will put the venture on the back foot before it even starts) and poor management (as it will compound set-up practices).

There are clear areas that shared services ventures can focus on within operations to move from a negative to a positive cost position.

Whilst the individual characteristics of the shared services operation will ultimately dictate how much each individual lever can be exploited (and bearing in mind that not all levers can be ‘pulled’ in every instance), it is important to understand how each lever can positively affect cost and potentially service.

Our infographic will help you visualise the 7 levers (often overlooked) you need to focus on to optimise shared services operations. It is also full of practical tips and advice on how to maximise operational efficiency. 

Simply click the image to reveal our full infographic.



7 levers to optimise shared services operations by Reinvigoration

Click the image to reveal
our full infographic

To be successful shared services operations require careful assessment, planning and management. The seven key principles, or ‘levers’ presented here provide a structured framework for making these assessments and implementing change successfully within the public and private sectors. We hope you will find our infographic helpful and are always available to discuss any challenges you may face.


We have a wealth of experience working with shared services operations both within the private and public sector. Contact our team to discuss how we can help your organisation.