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How Can Gamification Help Increase Engagement and Productivity?
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How Can Gamification Help Increase Engagement and Productivity?

Reinvigoration’s Chris Dando co-presents the paper ‘Designing Industrial User Experiences for Industry 4.0’ at Copenhagen’s recent Quality Management and Organisational Development (QMOD) conference and talks about gamification in an organisational environment.

Gaming is becoming more and more popular every year with a growing customer base of 2.2 billion regular gamers. This success partly comes from the intensive focus on user experience but also from the rich and instant feedback provided by Gamers which allows developers to constantly improve and enhance the games.  Whilst gamification and gaming principles have been used to great effect in some business scenarios (think teaching pilots how to fly), widespread adoption of the principles to increase engagement and in turn productivity are rare in industry.

With the growth of the Millennials (or Gen Y) in the workplace, the imminent arrival of Gen Z’s and the increasing use of technology both at home and in the workplace, Reinvigoration’s Chris Dando, together with Doctoral Researcher peers Alison Beard-Gunter and Gery Ellis, supported by Professor Pauline Found have worked together to understand how and why Gameful Design and classic Human Computer Interface (HCI) Design used in industry have evolved differently when it comes to user experience.

The outcome of their initial research has been synthesised in the paper ‘Designing Industrial User Experiences for Industry 4.0’, presented last weekend at Copenhagen’s QMOD conference.

Chris Dando, Reinvigoration’s Partner said:

“Sharing the outcome of our initial research paper at the QMOD conference last weekend has been particularly rewarding. In today’s digitally connected age, it can seem absurd that we are not using tools that have proven to be powerful drivers of engagement – such as gameful design – in an organisational environment to help increase productivity. After all, gaming keeps us engaged as it arouses our natural need for challenge and stokes our motivation (intrinsically) to solve problems. Considering the growth of the gaming industry in the last decade, there is little doubt that there is a lot we can learn from it but when looking beyond the surface, things don’t appear to be as simple as this. From the very definition of ‘engagement’ in the workplace and how to measure it, to how employees should be engaged in the context of digitisation and Industry 4.0, there is still a lot of progress to be made to fully comprehend how much we can learn from gamification and user experience but also how to apply this knowledge to increase productivity and engagement in the workplace.”

Read the full Paper Designing Industrial User Experiences For Industry 4.0 today.