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Build Operations Management Capability

Do you have the top class management and staff capability which will ensure that your organisation achieves its full potential?

When combined with effective process and system design, a services operation can really start to fulfil its true potential:

World class management teams can typically improve performance by more than 25%

Less than 10% of clients had previously considered training of this type for operations management.

Creating a sustainable world class operation requires an emphasis on developing the proficiency of your management and staff. Reinvigoration has the experience and ability to be able to help you create and develop the necessary skills, to drive the right behaviours and continuously improve service delivery.

We will support you as you create the highest levels of competence across your management, ensuring their ability to effectively lead high performing and motivated teams focussed on what really matters to your customers.

There are two separate, but interdependent, threads of building this capability.


We can introduce a range of effective tools and techniques to help build the capabilities of your operations management including:

  • Operational assessments
  • Developing improvement capability
  • Introducing operations management systems
  • Providing relevant training, coaching and eLearning

This leads to the creation of relevant measurement tools, being able to configure and organise teams effectively, the introduction of structured problem solving, holding effective performance reviews and collaboration across functions.


The range of training, coaching and support that Reinvigoration can offer allows organisations to tailor their staff development plans in both subject matter and method of delivery. From Operational Excellence Awareness for front line employees to Strategy Creation for senior leaders, we are able to offer classroom courses, eLearning and coaching, whichever is most appropriate for you.

In addition, our Accreditations with globally renowned institutions, such as Cardiff University, allow individuals to gain professional qualifications as they develop their competences and careers.

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