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What is the Lean Competency System?

The Lean Competency System (LCS) is a qualification framework created by Cardiff University’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre. The framework is used by Lean practitioners and employers around the world to develop and certify their lean thinking knowledge and practical skills.

Reinvigoration is the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official Lean Competency System accreditation at level 1, 2 and 3.


The LCS is the only university accredited framework to qualify individuals based on their knowledge and practical application of lean competency. The LCS provides a structured development pathway for organisations in their pursuit of operational excellence. Moreover, it equips people with the practical skills required to make real, impactful improvements in their workplace at each stage of their learning.

  • Highly interactive group activities to allow knowledge and idea sharing using service based business simulations; giving delegates the opportunity to practically apply new learning
  • Dynamically presented theory supported by service industry examples
  • Stimulating quizzes supporting the reflection of learning and the cementing of new knowledge


  • For professionals and their employers, LCS accreditation represents a revered and specialist qualification with high perceived value and external currency. It also provides a roadmap for continuous development and lean knowledge growth amidst a community of like-minded practitioners.
  • For training bodies such as Reinvigoration, accreditation from the LCS provides evidence of our commitment to delivering high training standards, maintaining the integrity of the system and continually improving.


The LCS Framework has seven levels of competency covering the entire spectrum of lean knowledge and application, with Reinvigoration being one of only a few that provides training in ALL levels.

These are subdivided into three categories and seven levels, each focusing on a specific set of competencies.

LCS Roadmap – from level 1 to 3



Categories and competencies

  1. Fundamental
  2. Technical 
  3. Strategic


LCS Accreditation InsigniaMore information about LCS.


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