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Lean Competency System Level 2a

Open Course - Central London

Our 4-day Advanced Improvement Practitioner Course aims at developing the key skills and attributes required of a senior, self-starting improvement practitioner.

The course adds significant depth to the basic fundamentals of the Operations Excellence Management System taught at LCS 1b and 1c, with a specific focus on handling related implementation challenges.

Delegates attending the course will be provided with a breadth of diagnosis tools and techniques to help them identify a much wider variety of organisational improvement opportunities.

The course will also provide them with a practical model for approaching complex transformations, spanning multiple department or functions and allow them to develop an appreciation of the people-related skills required to mobilise and sustain change.


Benefits to the individual:

  • Individuals will learn alternative improvement methods that will equip them with far more technical skills, enabling them to make a bigger difference.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Organisations will gain individuals who are competent at delivering large improvements using many methods. This capability also develops others.


  • Delegates must have been successfully accredited at full Lean Competency System Level 1 OR be working in a suitable role.
  • E.g. Mid-level Leaders e.g. AVP / VP, CI Practitioners / Coaches.


Day 1: Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques     

The module covers advanced tools and techniques that can identify and drive further improvement. Topics covered include:

  • An 8-lever model for cost reduction.
  • Organisational analysis – how to assess, cost and redesign organisations.
  • Quantifying additional forms of loss – rigidity, variability and waste.
  • Skills and capability analysis – assessing the tangible impact of skills deficiencies.
  • Overall Process Efficiency (OPE) – learn how to identify and quantify hidden waste.

Day 2: Deploying Operations Excellence Ways of Working

Delegates will learn a proven method for deploying Operations Excellence ways of working across multiple teams in an organisation.

The focus is on how to coach out an Operations Excellence Management System to frontline leaders and to help overcome typical challenges faced when doing so. Covering:

  • Customer purpose and purposeful measures.
  • Performance boards and performance meetings.
  • Personal capacity management.
  • Team capacity management.
  • Skills management.
  • Standard work.
  • Process confirmation.
  • Team-based problem solving.

Day 3: End-to-End Transformation or Customer Journey Improvement

Lean is a method for transforming large, complex end to end customer journey’s or value streams across your organisation. Taught following a structured roadmap, delegates will understand how to manage complex change spanning multiple functions. This part of the course covers the change and stakeholder management skills that are vital due to the size and benefits of the scale of the transformation involved.

Lean Competency System - Level 2 - Reinvigoration

Day 4: Psychology of change

The last day of the course is focussed on making change happen and covers three key topics:

  • Change readiness – understand how to assess an organisations ability to change and how to influence this.
  • Changing mindsets – learn some practical models to support.
  • Coaching – learn some additional coaching models that can be used to support commonly used methods such as GROW, enhancing your change toolkit.


This course provides delegates with the necessary learning required for future accreditation at Lean Competency System (LCS) levels 2a. Accreditation is optional.


  • Dates: 23rd to 26th April 2018 (9am-5pm)
  • Maximum number of delegates: 12
  • Location: The Lancaster Gate Hotel, Hyde Park, London



  • Course fee
    • Course fee per delegate: £2,000 +VAT
    • Course fees are inclusive of all training materials, lunches and light refreshments.
  • Accreditation fee (optional): £995 +VAT


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