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Lean Expert - LCS Level 3 training

The Expert Mentoring Programme (LCS Level 3) is intended for senior managers who have developed an extensive knowledge and appreciation of lean thinking over their careers and who have considerable experience in implementing lean programmes in organisations, but have no formal recognition of their lean credentials.

Level 3 competence is highly focused on practice and application at a strategic level.

Individuals undertaking Lean training at level 3 of the Lean Competency System must demonstrate that he/she has this competence through evidence, which is provided through case studies (strategic in nature), a written assignment and presentation.

Candidates with a lean master’s degree are eligible for exemptions, depending on the precise course undertaken.


  • Provides independent endorsement of advanced lean capability.
  • Enhances internal credibility as a lean manager and leader.
  • Provides a platform for continuous professional development.
  • Helps build confidence and self-assurance.
  • Ensures external recognition of lean competence at a strategic level
  • Is highly regarded and enhances career prospects

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There are no defined start dates as this is agreed on application between the applicant and the assigned Reinvigoration mentor.


There are three elements to the programme, which are: implementation case studies (3), an assignment and a presentation to an assessment panel. Candidates complete an application form to be considered for entry, which should demonstrate they have the appropriate background.

  • Implementation case studies – Three case studies demonstrating lean implementation at a strategic level, where the effective application of lean principles have produced an organisational benefit at an appropriate scale and level. The candidate’s role should be of a high level of responsibility, in terms of leadership, planning, design and management.
  • Assignment – A 4,000 word assignment on the development and evolution of lean thinking that formally assesses the depth and maturity of the candidate’s lean knowledge and understanding, in which the candidate reviews lean literature and demonstrates independent thinking, critical analysis and evaluation.
  • Panel Presentation – The candidates deliver a presentation to an LCS panel on a topic that draws together the conclusions of the case studies and the assignment, focusing on the implications on their lean leadership and their organisation’s future lean approach. The question-and-answer session following the presentation also gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their deep understanding of the latest issues and developments within lean, ensuring that successful Level 3 candidates truly are positioned at the top of their field


The LCS Level 3 Expert Mentoring Programme includes two levels 3a and 3b and start dates will be organised directly with the student.

  • Level 3a: £4,950 (price includes accreditation)
  • Level 3b: £4,950 (price includes accreditation)


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