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Lean Competency System – Level 3

Expert Mentoring Programme

Our Expert Mentoring Programme is suitable for selected Senior Leaders / Executive members, as well as Heads of / Directors of Improvement, looking at gaining formal recognition for decades of improvement work and be seen as strategic Lean leaders.


Unlike the other LCS Levels, our Level 3 mentoring programme doesn’t include any formal training. Individuals are coached through the qualification (typically over a 12-month period) by one of our senior experts.

Delegates will enrol in either 3a or 3b. The difference between 3a and 3b lies in the scale, level of responsibility and scope of experience.


Benefits to the individual:

  • Formal recognition for decades of improvement work.
  • Being seen as a strategic Lean leader.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • Organisations will gain senior leaders who are strategic thinkers when it comes to Lean, driving them to the next level.


Delegates must have been successfully accredited at full Lean Competency System Level 2 OR be able to demonstrate an equivalent profesional experience level.
Entry requirements at Level 3a or 3b will be assessed by Reinvigoration.

Unlike at the other LCS levels, all applicants have to be formally accepted onto the programme by the LCS, the first stage of which is completing an application form.

Once accepted, delegates are coached for up to 20 hours through the certification process over an agreed period of time (typically 1-year).


This course is aligned to Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System (LCS) at level 3.

The LCS was created by the university and has set the standards for high quality Lean education for over a decade. It remains the leading academically recognised Lean qualification worldwide.

Lean Competency System

To achieve accreditation at Level 3, delegates will be required to;

  • submit 3 case studies of 2,500 words each demonstrating their advanced / strategic Lean knowledge
  • submit a 4,000 word essay that allows them to articulate how Lean can / should evolve and determine how forward-thinking they are
  • present to an LCS panel comprising of 3-5 lean experts to convince them of their credentials as a senior lean leader and innovative thinker

Delegates will benefit from the support of a Reinvigoration coach for up to 20 hours.


Level 3A

  • Strategy development and policy deployment techniques.
  • Design and deployment of effective and relevant performance measures.
  • Leadership skills for effective Lean transformation (e.g. change management, communication, coaching, mentoring, motivating, etc).
  • Supply chain management.
  • Advanced Lean systems knowledge and techniques.
  • Sustainable change and continuous improvement.
  • Project direction, implementation and control.
  • Complementary philosophies, approaches and thinkers.

Level 3B

  • High level knowledge and mature understanding of Lean philosophy, techniques and approaches and associated schools of thought.
  • Knowledge of the strategic and management dimensions of Lean implementation.
  • Ability to implement and manage a Lean strategy at an organisation or extended enterprise level.
  • Wide implementation experience in several organisational contexts over a period of at least 15 years.
  • Advanced and widely practised leadership and change management competencies.


Please click here to download our course overview.


  • Course fee: £4,950 +VAT per delegate, including accreditation.

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