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What is the Online BSc in Operational Excellence?

The BSc in Operational Excellence is the only online Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Excellence in the world. We are very proud to have developed it in partnership with the prestigious University of Buckingham’s Business Improvement Science and Lean Department.

Designed to support and increase the use of Operational Excellence methodologies in the workplace and help businesses and public organisations develop stronger operations and be more competitive, the online BSc in Operational Excellence has no existing equivalent. 


  • A training method conducive to the delivery of a consistent learning programme.
    The e-learning methodology removes the need for fixed training timeslots and training rooms. It facilitates the delivery of a unique programme across different areas of the same organisation, ensuring the training is delivered in a fast and efficient way, with minimum disturbance to the business and its clients, and at a lower cost.
  • A ‘hands-on’ approach that benefits both the employer and their employees.
    This undergraduate work-based degree requires students to complete corporate projects that will enable them to put their new skills directly into practice, to the full benefit of their employers.
  • A flexible and engaging e-learning method.
    The online delivery fully benefits employees who will be able to follow the course at the most appropriate time for them, wherever they are based, to apply theory and deliver real business benefits.The online BSc in Operational Excellence is a training opportunity that strongly resonates with the latest generations entering the job market, the Millenials,  who value training and development as well as flexible working opportunities over financial benefits.
  • A degree developed by the renowned University of Buckingham in partnership with our team of leading Operational Excellence and
    e-learning experts.
    The Buckingham Lean Enterprise Unit (BLEU) team have been running MSc programmes in Lean since 1999 and have built a strong international reputation. Some of the world’s leading figures from the world of OpEx are involved in the development of the course content.Reinvigoration are a leading expert in Operational Excellence. Their team has a proven experience in supporting organisations all over the world to better define and meet their Operational Excellence goals via a blend of consulting, training and resourcing services. They also specialise in developing bespoke operational management e-learning programmes for public and private organisations.


QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Operational Excellence.

LEARNING TYPE: Work-based learning.

DURATION: 3 years, part-time.

ENTRY LEVEL: Minimum of 3 years experience in front-line or support operations, confirmed by the student’s line manager.

REQUIREMENTS: Students will join company programmes as a group, either self-sponsoring or sponsored by their company. They will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation from their employer.

ASSESSMENTS: Students will need to study and pass 4 x 15 credit modules/year. Alongside this, they will be required to complete a 60-credit-work-based project. The module assessment is by end of module exam, taken online, and written assignment. The work-based project will be assessed by project presentation in front of an expert panel and project portfolio.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications can be submitted by the students themselves or by their organisation. 

ENTRY POINTS: January, April, July, October, for groups of students from organisations.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please download our brochure or contact bleu@buckingham.ac.uk

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