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Reinvigoration is pleased to gain Lean Competency System re-accreditation
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Reinvigoration is pleased to gain Lean Competency System re-accreditation

For the 5th year Reinvigoration has been re-accredited by Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System (LCS), providing reassurance that a quality standard in continuous improvement training has been attained.

The first services-specific company to be accredited and the only one that is focused on Financial and Shared Services operations, Reinvigoration provides a wide range of training resources to complement and support its consultancy offering.

The LCS is a lean qualifications framework created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre and used by organisations to support lean training programmers, facilities or academies and by employees and practitioners as a vehicle to develop their lean thinking knowledge and practical skills.

Reinvigoration currently accredit individuals at levels 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a & 2b and will shortly be adding level 3 to this list.  We have also launched a new e-learning module that provides LCS 1a accreditation

Reinvigoration can provide organisations with relevant training that can be part of our consultancy offering or stand-alone, but all helping support the delivery of strategic objectives. See more details at Reinvigoration training