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Reinvigoration officially recognised as LCS Level 3 accreditation provider

Reinvigoration is pleased to announce that it has officially been recognised by the Lean Competency System as LCS Level 3 accreditation provider.  

The LCS Level 3 qualification indicates that a manager has a mature understanding of lean thinking and is able to effectively apply it at a strategic level as a capable lean leader.

The LCS website outlines some of the benefits of the Level 3 qualification which include:

  • Provides independent endorsement of lean capability.
  • Enhances internal credibility as a lean manager and leader.
  • Offers a platform for continuing knowledge and professional development.
  • Helps build confidence and self-assurance.
  • Gives external recognition of practical lean competence at a strategic level.
  • Provides a qualification with high perceived value that can enhance career prospects

Reinvigoration Partner Chris Dando said: “It’s a great testament to the quality of our people and service offerings that Reinvigoration has become one of a select group of LCS partners officially recognised to support Level 3 accreditation.  We have been providing LCS accreditation to people globally for over 5 years and are excited about now being able to support individuals on their lean development journeys at the more advanced end of the capability scale”.

If you’re a current LCS level 2 graduate, or someone with wide-ranging operational experience, you could be eligible to enrol on the Level 3 programme.  LCS Level 3 accredited people belong to a very exclusive club, with only 13 people holding the award globally.

Do you want to join the club?  Please get in touch to discuss the opportunity further, either by visiting Contact us or by contacting Chris Dandochris.dando@reinvigoration.co.uk