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Simplify Business Processes

Do you operate a business where staff are always saying that the systems are difficult to operate and consequently customer satisfaction is low?

Business Process Simplification can dramatically reduce complexity and transform the customer experience. From understanding end-to-end processes and removing duplication and unnecessary steps, typically an organisation can reduce process waiting time by up to 60%. This typically equates to large operational cost savings and improved levels of customer satisfaction.

Process complexity is a key issue for large organisations and particularly in Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where processes span across many different parts of an organisation. Reinvigoration has supported a large number of organisations tackle this challenge and dramatically increased end-to-end efficiency.

Organisations need to review their current operational processes, identify key areas for improvement, design and ultimately implement a more effective blueprint and this is where Reinvigoration can help. Our proven approach and wide-ranging experience means we can rapidly assess, benchmark against similar organisations and advise on the most appropriate options for change.


Companies who provide a superior and easy to use experience across their customer journeys achieve positive business results, typically a 10% to 15% increase in revenue growth and a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction. Simplicity and ease of use is a key driver for customer satisfaction which can be crucial in gaining a competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, the customer journey needs to be clearly defined and processes aligned to enable rapid and accurate responses.


Creating effective Process Documentation ensures that newly designed processes can be implemented and are ready for audit. High quality Process Maps, Standard Operating Procedures and Training Material are all required to support effective implementation and continuation of process change. Reinvigoration is experienced with a wide range of process documentation requirements across multiple sectors.

Creating and documenting the business processes aligned to I.T. system implementations is often a key part of a successful transformation. Reinvigoration supports organisations to design and implement lean business processes to maximise operational efficiency of technology improvements across both shared services and financial operations.

Managing risk is an important aspect of Business Process Simplification as the appropriate level of risk mitigation must be understood as well as the cost to the organisation. Reinvigoration has extensive experience within financial operations and support organisations to create the optimum balance. Process Documentation must include the necessary controls to operate a fully compliant AND efficient operation.

Business Process Simplification is critical when re-locating operations whether this is Off-shoring, outsourcing or in-sourcing. Effective Process Documentation can reduce the time it takes for new staff to become competent by up to 50%, as well as lowering risk when migrating processes. It provides standardised working practices to be followed and managed.

Reinvigoration can support organisations design and implement effective business processes which can maximise the operational efficiency of technology improvements across both shared services and financial operations.

Find out more about how we can help simplify your business processes and ensure your customer satisfaction. It really is worth the effort.


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