Helping you become an Agile business by assessing your projects for Agile effectiveness, training your teams in the approach and embedding the use of Agile core principles, delivering a step-change in IT project performance.


Traditional IT project management is often associated with lengthy and costly projects, where IT teams define set requirements up front and focus on development over a long period of time prior to release as a finished product.
This can lead to issues whereby the customer no longer wants or needs certain features, or the product is now obsolete. Teams are often segregated with their own governance and schedules, thus creating delays. There is also the risk that issues can only be found when testing the solution – right at the end of the process.

Agile refocuses the emphasis on product development by bringing the customer into the centre of the solution you want to build, using their needs to create pseudo requirements for small iterations only – gone are the lengthy requirements documentation and bureaucracy of traditional governance – and building small batches of functionality over
2-4 weeks’ periods, showcase these with the customer.

We will work with you to help you become an Agile business, ensuring that your solutions are developed faster, released frequently without compromising on quality, so your customers get exactly what they need.

Whether you are looking for some consultancy support to assess your portfolio of projects for the effectiveness of Agile and need our help to prioritise a pilot approach, or you want to train your teams to increase your internal Agile capability, our methodology will encompass the following key elements of an Agile approach.

Customer centric and fast paced

User descriptions of functionality are created and showcased to the customer regularly to ensure their needs are being met by the solution on an iterative basis every 2-4 weeks.

Feedback-based, flexible and smart

This customer feedback is used to steer the direction of the project, as opposed to pre-defined requirements and plans, which often lead to solutions that do not meet the customers’ neeeds.

Integrated testing for higher quality

Testing is conducted at the same time as development so that there is a far lower risk of bugs and fixes upon release.


Reinvigoration are an official member of the Professional Training Network (PTN).
This seal of approval from a globally recognised training, assessment and certification provider, gives our delegates the guarantee that they will receive consistent teaching of the Scrum Framework as well as the highest training quality experience.

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Faster Release Of Working Product -
Getting Releases To Customers
Every 2–4 Weeks

Customer-Driven Solutions

Greater Business Buy-In

Emphasis Placed On
User Experience

Increased Employee Empowerment

Far Less Bureaucratic Governance

Flexible Release Schedule

Lower Project Costs

Fewer Post Release
Bugs And Fixes

Multi-Skilled And Empowered
Development Team

Smaller Team Sizes



We support organisations around the world in their pursuit of Operational Excellence, process change and business transformation, using innovation and cutting-edge technologies to transform
service operations.


Our approach is heavily based on knowledge transfer via coaching, so that your people are left with the skills to be self-sufficient at the end of our engagement.

Capability Building

We have years of experience developing world class Operational Excellence and improvement skills across public and private organisations via our face-to-face and e-learning training courses.

E-Management Solutions

We use cutting-edge technologies to help organisations transform their service operations, become
more efficient and
increase performance.


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Graham Turnbull