Helping you build operations management and improvement capability internally and reward your staff with an internationally recognised qualification.


Our training courses are designed to build up Operations Excellence, Lean and Continuous Improvement practical skills to directly support the delivery of your organisation’s strategic initiatives.

Our face-to-face and e-learning training programmes are borne out of our experience working with public and private organisations across a multitude of industries. Our courses are based on a very hands-on delivery method to help your teams assimilate the content quickly and enable them to apply it directly after the course, providing you with a fast return on investment.


LCS Accreditation

A number of our training courses are accredited by The Lean Competency System of Cardiff University, which means our training delegates can gain industry recognised qualifications following successful assessments.

We are proud to be the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official Lean Competency System accreditation at level 1, 2 and 3, providing you not only with the reassurance that you have attained a quality standard in continuous improvement training, but also with continuity all along your staff’s development journey.

Innovative And Learner-Focussed
Operational Excellence Training Programmes

Our commitment to increasing Lean and Operational Excellence awareness constently leads us to find innovative approaches that will drive results and help organisations develop stronger operations and become more competitive.

Our e-learning Operational Excellence courses, designed in-house, and our partnership with the University of Buckingham developing the first Online BSc in Operational Excellence in the world, is testament to our commitment and passion to support the development of Operational Excellence capabilities in a way that benefits
both the learners and their employers.


Increased In-House Lean
And Operational Excellence Capability

Consistent, Fast And
Cost-Effective Delivery

Industry Recognised

Increased Staff Engagement
And Retention

Flexible Training Content
And Delivery To Match Your
Organisation's Requirements



We support organisations around the world in their pursuit of Operational Excellence, process change and business transformation, using innovation and cutting-edge technologies to transform
service operations.


Our approach is heavily based on knowledge transfer via coaching, so that your people are left with the skills to be self-sufficient at the end of our engagement.

Capability Building

We have years of experience developing world class Operational Excellence and improvement skills across public and private organisations via our face-to-face and e-learning training courses.

E-Management Solutions

We use cutting-edge technologies to help organisations transform their service operations, become
more efficient and
increase performance.


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