Assisting you throughout your RPA journey, from using our unique activity automation feasibility diagnostic tool RoboticAssess, to rapidly mobilising proofs of concepts, through to implementing at scale across your business.


Robotic Process Automation is the application of a smart software that is coded to mimic the actions of a real person on their work computer, enabling a ‘robot’ (the software) to perform these tasks instead.
It is now commonly adopted in high volume, resource intensive, repetitive tasks such as data entry and back office functions and is massively more productive and accurate than human workers.



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Implementing Robotic Process Automation is indeed tempting. Robots can achieve a minimum of 3 times the productivity of a human worker, creating a clear cost reduction opportunity. However it isn’t all about the obvious cost savings.

Improved data security, improved governance, increased customer satisfaction, and a proven positive impact on staff are just a few of the additional recognised benefits of using RPA. However, not all processes are created equal, and RPA isn’t always a feasible or suitable solution to performance issues.

Did you know?

On average 45% of the activities individuals are paid to perform can be automated by adopting Robotic Process Automation.


We have developed a set of consulting, coaching and E-management solutions to help organisations select the right opportunities for automation in order to make their RPA journey a full success.

From identifying which specific processes can be automated within an organisation, and how much it will actually benefit, to implementing the best RPA solution and growing your internal capability, we can assist your teams every step of the way and help you avoid going through any loopholes.



Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved Service Levels

Reduced Average Handle Time

Increased Productivity

Improved ROI

Reduced Offshore Reliance

Improved Data Security

Implement Change Quicker
And In A More Agile Way

Improved Governance And
Monitoring Capability



We support organisations around the world in their pursuit of Operational Excellence, process change and business transformation, using innovation and cutting-edge technologies to transform
service operations.


Our approach is heavily based on knowledge transfer via coaching, so that your people are left with the skills to be self-sufficient at the end of our engagement.

Capability Building

We have years of experience developing world class Operational Excellence and improvement skills across public and private organisations via our face-to-face and e-learning training courses.

E-Management Solutions

We use cutting-edge technologies to help organisations transform their service operations, become
more efficient and
increase performance.


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Graham Turnbull

Graham Turnbull