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Building your teams’ Operational Excellence and improvement capability to help transform your service operations in a fast and sustainable way.

Our in-house Operational Excellence training courses are designed to build your internal Operational Excellence capability in a way that increases buy-in and engagement from your staff.

Training can be included as part of our consultancy offering or stand-alone. Our in-house courses are designed and scheduled specifically to your organisation’s exact requirements; they are delivered locally and exclusively for your employees. Depending on your organisation’s requirements, we can create a bespoke learning roadmap to combine on-site coaching and assessment.

All our courses are specific to service operations environments and can be tailored to relate specifically to the use of Operational Excellence within your industry and to match your internal requirements.

We use a very practical
approach, including the use of simulations and case studies, to increase your teams’ capacity to quickly transfer their newly acquired knowledge and solve existing operational challenges within your organisation, providing you with a direct return on investment.

Beside all the face-to-face training courses you will find below, we also provide Lean Competency System (LCS) training courses, from level 1A to 3A/B and are proud to be the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official LCS accreditation at all levels of the LCS roadmap. Visit our LCS accreditation page if you would like to find out more about this globally recognised training programme.


Strategy Deployment - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

Strategy Deployment

Capability Building
Operational Excellence Ways Of Working - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

Operational Excellence
Ways of Working

Capability Building
Root Cause Problem Solving - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

Problem Solving

Capability Building
End-To-End Value Stream Mapping & Improvement - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

End-to-End Value Stream
Mapping & Improvement

Capability Building
Customer Journey Mapping & Improvement - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

Customer Journey
Mapping & Improvement

Capability Building
Agile - Capability Building - Reinvigoration


Capability Building


The support and guidance we have received from Reinvigoration in designing and rolling out our Continuous Improvement programme has been invaluable. Their well-judged combination of classroom-style training, coaching and feedback has enabled us to quickly develop an in-house capability, and has encouraged us to create an approach that works for our people, rather than adopting a readymade, cookie-cutter method.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Jeremy Fletcher
Chief Operating Officer - Kantar UK & Ireland

The Agile training I was part of was great, moreover the feedback from all that have been involved has been outstanding and we are truly starting to see a mind-set shift within finance. A big thank you for all the work you have put into this.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Ian McClean
Finance Transformation Manager - Vodafone


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