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Technology – a double edge sword?

We are undoubtedly in the technological age – where technology of all shapes and sizes can, and is, making a tangible impact on our day-to-day lives, both personally and professionally. It is therefore unsurprising to hear that business is heavily backing the exploration of this, irrespective of how successful it turns out to be...
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Time management – the consequences of the ‘hamster wheel’ within our organisations

As teams are gripped by the current COVID-19 crisis and are being forced to work in a different environment, outside of their office walls, now could be the ideal time to take a step back to focus on time management, and rethink the ways in which they work, which tasks create value and which don’t,...
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Featuring some expert advice from Reinvigoration

We are delighted to have contributed to The Times 'Operational Optimisation' Special Report gathering the latest news and advice from leading experts, including Reinvigoration's thoughts on delivering a sustainable transformation. Download your free copy today...
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Phased considerations to help organisations overcome the COVID-19 crisis

In just a matter of weeks, the whole world has been turned upside down as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. My initial thoughts go out to all those who have contracted the virus, those who have been hospitalised, those in self-isolation and those who have lost loved ones. Our emergency services and those on...
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The importance of taking an all-embracing consultative approach to Target Operating Model development

Graham Turnbull reflects on Target Operating Model work past and present, looking at the key elements he believes are important for successful design, widespread acceptance and sustainable implementation. I’ve been involved with many organisations over the years where I have either been a customer of change, the facilitator of change, or a happy by-stander witnessing...
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The 6 challenges to successfully deploying problem solving capabilities and how to mitigate them

In recent weeks, a number of people across my network have shared their aspirations to create a culture of continuous improvement; a key element of this is the successful deployment of problem solving capability at each level of the organisation. Achieving this may not be as straightforward as one would expect. In this article, I...
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5 tips on how to successfully execute an Operational Strategy

Trying to develop and deploy operational strategy throughout your organisation can be a major challenge. However, ensuring that all related change activity is wholly co-ordinated towards meeting these goals can prove even tougher...
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3 steps to getting your Senior Management backup: Boosting your Continuous Improvement strategy from good to great

As Operational Excellence professionals we all agree that increasing awareness of what CI is and equipping individuals with the tools they need to make many small improvements to their daily practices, creates value not only for the present, but more crucially for the future. In my opinion though, this is not enough...
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Building Operations Excellence capability at all levels of your organisation: Best practices & common pitfalls

As Change Leaders we all appreciate the need to develop individuals and teams in different Improvement Methodologies to enable both transformational and incremental change. Every Operations Excellence Programme has a learning element but what competences are we trying to develop in which roles?...
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