Reinvigoration achieves Cardiff University’s LCS accredited status for the 3rd time

Reinvigoration - Official LCS Accredited Training Organisation

Reinvigoration, the UK specialist in service operation transformation has secured another two-year accreditation period following a strict review by the LCS administrators, proving that Reinvigoration’s training program remains “well organised, professionally delivered, technically sound and robust”.

Originally used in manufacturing, Lean principles have been adopted by the service industry in the private and public sectors to improve the existing quality and efficiency of operations.

Reinvigoration, the only service-sector-specific accredited body to offer LCS qualifications at all 3 levels, applies a blend of consulting, training and coaching services to help their clients achieve measurable improvements to processes, performance and capabilities.

Their unique transformation approach focuses on providing their clients with a sustainable solution, providing them with the tools to improve today’s operations whilst training internal teams to apply a lean methodology that will answer any future operational challenges.

This approach perfectly complements the ambition and requirements of the Lean Competency System to qualify individuals based on their knowledge and practical application of lean competency in a workplace environment.

Chris Dando, Reinvigoration’s Partner said “We are delighted to have been re-accredited, and to have once again been given the LCS seal of approval, recognising our coaching approach as a professional and robust solution for training tomorrow’s lean experts.”

“We are passionate about what we do as a consultancy, helping UK services build more efficient, leaner and strategically focussed operations every day. This is key to the delivery method we use in our LCS training programme. We have a very unique hands-on approach that empowers our delegates in their Operational Excellence journey whilst providing their employers with direct ROI.”

“From the integration of digital solutions and RPA, to more human challenges with both the input and expectations of the Millennials and Generation Z, Lean as we know it is bound to evolve dramatically in the forthcoming years. We are proud to help Lean practitioners, providing them with the tools they need to build the frame of a leaner and more responsive operational world.”

Simon Elias, LCS Director said“We are particularly pleased to announce that Reinvigoration has been re-accredited for another two years. The Lean Competency System is now internationally recognised as the Lean workplace based university accreditation and it is the perfect solution for public and private organisations that want a flexible, university developed, lean qualification framework that offers a universal standard. Its success and longevity largely rely on the seriousness and expertise of the training providers who deliver the programme. This is why we are particularly strict and demanding with the organisations we accredit.

LCS Reinvigoration Certificate

Created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University in 2005, the LCS has become the definitive lean qualifications framework for the workplace.


Babcock MCS Offshore are one of the many organisations supported by Reinvigoration in their LCS journey.
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“Reinvigoration are equally dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the system and to continually improving and adapting their training methods to arm LCS trainees to deal with today’s constantly evolving operational challenges. The fact that over the last 7 years Reinvigoration have certified over 1,000 LCS individuals from level 1a to 3b, proves the seriousness and adaptability of their learning method, using e-learning as well as more classic face-to-face training sessions, and we are delighted to renew their accreditation”.

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Chris Dando - Reinvigoration

Chris Dando

Ryan King - Reinvigoration

Ryan King

Graham Turnbull - Reinvigoration

Graham Turnbull


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