Designing A Target Operating Model

Fleet Services


The Fleet Services division of a large UK emergency services organisation.


The client needed support to redesign the Fleet Services’ operating model. The initial phase of work aimed to:

  • Scope operational requirements (by close engagement with end service users).
  • Undertake a detailed Current State Analysis to identify a detailed catalogue of services delivered by Fleet Services with opportunities for improvement.
  • Develop options for operating models for Fleet Services to deliver those services and support the selection of a preferred way forward for each.


Reinvigoration used their detailed TOM approach to work closely with the client to:

  • Carry out a high level service category service options assessment to narrow down all potential options from a long list to a short list.
  • Design a high-level Operating Model showing the preferred way forward and how the division should be structured to deliver this.
  • Production of a High Level business case for the Operating Model.
  • Write a detailed Business Justification Paper to gain approval and funding for implementation.


During the engagement, Reinvigoration collaborated with local staff and end users to make their input an integral part of the TOM design.

The development of trust and high deep relationships with staff and senior stakeholders within other departments and governance forums allowed us to progress rapidly against tough timescales.

A number of detailed deliverables were achieved including:

  • Development and approval of the Business Justification Paper.
  • High level TOM design
  • Long list of service TOM options, narrowed to a recommended shortlist of preferred options High Level TOM Design

All deliverables were signed off by all internal governance groups to successfully draw this first phase of activity to a close.


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