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One of Ireland’s largest wholesale telecommunications providers, who own and operate an extensive telecoms network throughout Ireland with International fibre connectivity to the UK. They also own and manage a portfolio of 400 + telecommunications towers and sites across Ireland, providing transmission service for mobile and wireless operators, private communications companies and emergency services.


Reinvigoration were engaged by the Executive team to facilitate the formulation of a 5-year strategic plan that aimed to double the size of the business (measured by PBIT).

The growth aspirations of the client were significant given that they operate in a fiercely competitive marketplace and needed to break into new markets to make the aim realistic. This would require significant foundation work in the early years of the strategic plan.

In addition to growth ambitions, the client wanted to maintain their superb safety record, make a step change improvement to network performance and drive increases to both customer and staff satisfaction.


Our client wanted to use the popular strategic deployment process known as Hoshin Planning, or Policy Deployment, and chose to use an online tool to manage the process.

A Reinvigoration strategy deployment expert met with the client to understand their timelines, then structured a part time engagement to be managed to completion over a two month period. This involved many site visits, but also remote coaching support where practical.

We guided the client through the strategic deployment process by following an eight step model, as shown below.

  • STEP 1. Define organisational vision and linked strategic themes
  • STEP 2. Agree 5 year breakthrough strategic objectives
  • STEP 3. Develop annual breakthrough objectives
  • STEP 4. Create annual improvement priorities
  • STEP 5. Cascade throughout the organisation
  • STEP 6. Create the action plans required to deliver the improvement priorities
  • STEP 7. Identify and assign the required resource to execute the plans
  • STEP 8. Set up KPI reporting and track progress

Each stage was be supported with post-workshop activities, driven by a client owned action plan to ensure that we met the aim of deploying the new strategy throughout the organisation by the end of the calendar year.


The client was able to successfully deploy their strategy throughout their organisation and support the delivery of it through targeted action plans, owned at the appropriate level within the organisation.

The strategic plans were well managed and controlled, with KPI dashboards created at all levels, which allowed progress to be tracked and interventions to be made if the plan fell behind schedule.


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