Developing your team’s ability to transform end-to-end processes in order to increase performance and customer satisfaction


Inefficient & Siloed Processes

Quality Issues

Lack Of Data And Measures

Multiple Business Hand-offs

Lack Of Big Picture Visibility

Complex Process Design

Lack Of Customer Focus

Long Service Lead Times

Poor Customer Service


Manual Work


Value streams are end-to-end processes that cover every single department involved in fulfilling a service for your customers. Often, these are fraught with complexity and cut across many teams and departments; these processes may also have elements that are offshored, increasing hand-offs. 
The more complicated a process is, the more waste will be inherent, and the longer it will take to provide the customer with an outcome. These outcomes will either be good or bad depending on the design of the processes and the effectiveness of the colleagues who are working within it, leading to possible complaints
and lost market share. 

Our two-day face-to-face in-house training course is designed to provide the fundamentals for dramatically transforming end-to-end processes and services within your organisation.

We will step you through the structured approach you need to take to understand the wastes within the process, causes of quality issues and completion delays. You will experience hands-on practical exercises that will help you to apply root-cause analysis, develop solutions and implement the changes required to trigger a
step-change in performance.


Our training course covers all aspects of performance, showing you how to baseline data, trial process, redesign in proof of concepts, and how to create and manage an implementation plan to deliver tangible improvements that will transform your business.

Please note that the course is designed for 8 to 12 delegates maximum to provide a more interactive and hands-on training, allowing each delegate to maximise value from the programme.

  • Customer identification
  • Stakeholder analysis & management
  • Team selection
  • Voice of customer
  • Measures and baseline
  • Current state value stream mapping
  • Issues & root cause analysis
  • Data, information and demand flow analysis
  • Walk the process, visioning and design
  • Future state value stream mapping
  • Solution generation and benefits tracking
  • Future state planning
  • Customer feedback and delivery planning
  • Change management and piloting the changes
  • Business handover


Unique And Inspiring
Customer Experiences

Improved Quality

Reduction In Failure Demand

Reduction In Operating Costs And Greater Productivity (Typically A 20% To 30% Improvement)

Faster End-To-End Lead Time

Reduced Variation

More Empowered And Engaged Staff

Reduction In Hand-Offs And Complexity

Greater Regulatory Control, Right-Sizing Risk Controls To Alleviate Unnecessary Burden Of Risk And Operations Personnel


Reinvigoration has extensive knowledge regarding how to design a deployment taking an Operational Excellence approach, they have been a huge help with our Home Insurance programme, adding considerable value in helping us set the programme up for success, whilst passing on knowledge willingly and effectively.

The knowledge and experience they have, enable a flexible approach that can be tailored to any situation, and industry. I have found them committed, trustworthy and very easy to work with.

Huw Williams
Senior Manager, Service Excellence - Lloyds Banking Group

The team at Reinvigoration are consummate professionals and we have had the privilege of working with them twice on Operational Excellence programmes of efficiency. They are able to quickly engage with our people to understand complex, multi-site end to end processes and they have always delivered the required outputs and provided further recommendations and proposals based on their expertise. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Rachel Summers
Director of Operational Excellence - Shared Services Connected Ltd

We needed to transform our global inspection division. Reinvigoration ran a rapid diagnostic and design process covering our business end to end – from enquiry to cash. Their in-depth approach swiftly identified realisable benefits, providing detailed and insightful output. The high quality team were pragmatic and astute, and they worked hard.

Andrew Brown
VP Global Operations, Inspection - Lloyd’s Register Energy


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Graham Turnbull


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