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Providing operations and improvement professionals
with a globally recognised Lean and Operational Excellence training programme.


LCS - Lean Competency System Accreditation - Reinvigoration

The LCS is the only university accredited framework to qualify individuals based on their knowledge and practical application of Lean competency.

Created by Cardiff University’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre, the LCS provides a structured development pathway for organisations in their pursuit of Operational Excellence. Moreover, it equips people with the practical skills required to make real, impactful improvements in their workplace at each stage of their learning.

We are proud to be the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official Lean Competency System accreditation at level 1, 2 and 3.


For professionals and their employers
LCS accreditation represents a revered and specialist qualification with high perceived value and external currency. It also provides a roadmap for continuous development and Lean knowledge growth amidst a community of like-minded practitioners.

For training bodies such as Reinvigoration
Accreditation from the LCS provides evidence of our commitment to delivering high training standards, maintaining the integrity of the system and continually improving.


The LCS Framework has three categories and seven levels of competency covering the entire spectrum of Lean knowledge and applications; with each level focussing on a specific set of competencies. Reinvigoration is one of only a few that provides training at all levels. What’s more, thanks to our very own LCS accreditation services we are also able to help organisations wishing to give their own training programme the industry’s seal of approval it deserves.


Training can be included as part of our consultancy offering or stand-alone. Our in-house courses are designed and scheduled specifically to your organisation’s exact requirements – and delivered locally and exclusively for your employees. Lean Competency System accreditation is available for all courses.

Lean Service Awareness (LCS Level 1A) - E-Learning - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 1A
Lean Service Awareness
Online Course

LCS Level 1B/C Operational Excellence Practioner Course - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 1B/C
Continuous Improvement
Ways of Working

LCS Level 1B/C Lean Project Practitioner Course - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 1B/C
Lean Project
Practitioner Course

LCS Level 2A Advanced Improvement Practitioner Course - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 2A
Advanced Improvement
Practitioner Course

LCS Level 2B Improvement Programme Leader Course - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 2B
Improvement Programme
Leader Course

LCS Level 3A Or B Expert Mentoring Programme - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Level 3A or B
Expert Mentoring Programme


Having our programme endorsed and supported by Reinvigoration and Cardiff University, where the Lean Competency System was first developed, is a great indication of the importance Babcock places on this scheme and the commitment we are making to support staff who get involved.

Reinvigoration provide a detailed oversight of the Babcock training and examination process, ensuring trainees are given the highest-quality support and assessment throughout, backed with the rigour expected by top university standards.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Dave White
Head of Engineering Continuous Improvement - Babcock MCS Offshore

As a transformation professional, I have been leading a shared service business transformation programme between two distinct and different organisations. I have found the Lean Systems Thinking approach to this programme invaluable.

We have used Reinvigoration to help guide, support and develop this programme, achieving some very good results in quick timescales. Great progress has been made, particularly with regards to the training of our staff, (supported by a mentoring programme), and this has helped enormously with embedding the knowledge and a new systems thinking philosophy to the organisations.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Chris Bolton
Customer Service & Transformation Manager - Cambridge City Council

Completing the LCS Level 3 Expert Mentoring Programme has led me to become more effective in my role as a Lean leader. The Team at Reinvigoration have been great; I have no hesitation at recommending them. They were approachable and supportive, and provided me with challenge and debate at the right time to really make sure I get the best out of my accreditation.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Bruce McCrea
Founder and Director - Leanology


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