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Helping organisations develop their teams’ operational and improvement capability to support
the delivery of their strategic initiatives.

We have years of experience developing world class Operational Excellence and improvement skills across public and private organisations via our face-to-face and e-learning training courses.

We understand that no two organisations have the same challenges and requirements. That’s why our courses can be created to a bespoke learning roadmap, on-site coaching and assessment.

What’s more, they are all designed and/or run by ex-operations professionals to ensure your teams receive the highest quality of learning.


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Training Courses

Our courses are built to help your teams develop the particular skills and learning outcomes required to support the delivery of your specific strategic business initiatives.

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LCS Accreditation
Training Programme

We are the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official Lean Competency System accreditation at level 1, 2 and 3.

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Our engaging and interactive e-courses are designed to help you drive CI and OpEx in a fast, consistent and flexible way throughout your organisation.


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LCS Accreditation Services - Capability Building - Reinvigoration

LCS Accreditation Services

Online Bsc in Operational Excellence - Reinvigoration

Online BSc in Operational Excellence


The support and guidance we have received from Reinvigoration in designing and rolling out our Continuous Improvement programme has been invaluable. Their well-judged combination of classroom-style training, coaching and feedback has enabled us to quickly develop an in-house capability, and has encouraged us to create an approach that works for our people, rather than adopting a readymade, cookie-cutter method.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Jeremy Fletcher
Chief Operating Officer - Kantar UK & Ireland

Completing the LCS Level 3 Expert Mentoring Programme has led me to become more effective in my role as a Lean leader. The Team at Reinvigoration have been great; I have no hesitation at recommending them. They were approachable and supportive, and provided me with challenge and debate at the right time to really make sure I get the best out of my accreditation.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Bruce McCrea
Founder and Director - Leanology

The Operational Excellence and Lean experts at Buckingham have known the Reinvigoration team for over 10 years. Their reputation for a forward thinking training and consultancy style, together with their eLearning development capability made them the perfect partner for our ground breaking project – the world’s first online OpEx degree.
The Reinvigoration team, in partnership with us, have developed fantastic content that we believe will benefit many thousands of students in their future learning.

Reinvigoration Ltd
Professor Pauline Found
Programme Director for the Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence - University of Buckingham