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Helping organisations set realistic Robotic Process Automation deliverables for a successful, bespoke and fast implementation of robotic automation within service operations.


Uncertainty About Which Processes Would Benefit From Being Automated

Lack Of RPA Implementation Skills Within The Organisation


RPA is now commonly adopted in high volume, resource intensive, repetitive tasks such as data entry and back office functions, where it is more productive and accurate than human workers and capable to achieve a minimum of three times the productivity of a member of staff.
Clear cost reduction opportunities, improved data security and governance, increased customer satisfaction and a proven positive impact on working individuals are only some of the benefits of using RPA. However, not all processes can be automated, and Robotic Process Automation isn’t always a feasible or suitable solution to performance issues. 

We believe that the success of delivering effective RPA is knowing what should be automated and when it should be done. That’s why we have designed and developed RoboticAssess, a smart and reliable low-code/low-cost automation feasibility diagnostic tool, that aims at providing you with fast and exhaustive RPA diagnostic and reporting. RoboticAssess is the tool you need to help you pave your way to true RPA success and create certainty in your business case.


Process Analysis

  • We work with your SMEs to map out the processes that are scoped for RPA
  • We then drill down into a level of detail where we collect ‘meta data’ and volumetric information about the process (AHT, Volume, Variance Input/Output)
  • This will give us all the base data we need to analyse each process at task level and identify where RPA can drive benefit in your operation

RPA Diagnostic

In a matter of seconds, our custom built tool:

  • Evaluates the meta data
  • Analyses each step against our assessment rules
  • Generates simple reports to guide you on where best to prioritise your RPA efforts
  • Calculates FTE capacity saving from each process automation

Reporting & RPA Roadmaps

  • We review the output with you and plan
    out the next steps on your roadmap to
    achieving RPA
  • Robotic assess can be used rapidly to identify an RPA Proof Of Concept Pilot Process
  • It can also be used to perform a full operational assessment of your organisation



Solid foundations within your service operations to successfully facilitate your RPA implementation

Stronger and leaner operational processes further to our initial review

Increased buy-in within your organisation

Fast proof of concept delivery

Automated reporting


Would you like to discuss your specific requirements and find out more about our solutions?
Contact our RPA expert, Graham Turnbull.

Graham Turnbull


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