Providing CI, Lean and transformation teams, as well as operational and IT teams with the tools and knowledge they need to objectively facilitate the use of a proven structured problem-solving approach to solve complex problems for good.


Complex Operational Challenges That Have A Material Impact On Operational Performance, Or Other Political Consequences

Lack Of Internal Root-Cause
Problem Solving Capability


Our expert coaches will equip training participants with the tools and knowledge required to support their teams and objectively facilitate the resolution of complex problems; enabling root-causes to be identified and problems to be solved once and for all.

Our one-day training course is designed to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and is run in-house for maximum efficiency.

Hands-On Delivery Method

The course provides a blend of theory with hands-on practical application, where the tools can be applied to a real problem.

Bespoke Course Content

The training is designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements, enabling us to structure the course content around a real-life scenario from their organisation.

Greater Success

Delegates leave with a clearly defined problem solving structure and template and the confidence to immediately return to the workplace and apply the approach.

The course typically covers the following content;

Understanding the need for a structured approach to problem solving

The benefits of taking a structured approach

A practical overview of a 6-step approach to problem solving including key tools to support

  1. Problem definition and desired state
    • Defining problems and goal statements
    • Kipling questions
  2. Identifying possible causes
    • Brainstorming
    • Affinity diagrams
    • Cause and effect / Fishbone diagram
  3. Tools to analyse and quantify the problem
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Customer verbatim
    • Pareto analysis
    • 5-whys
    • Why trees
  4. Identifying potential solutions
    • Ease-benefit matrix
    • Force-field analysis
  5. Piloting and implementing solutions
    • Action lists
    • Gantt charts
  6. Evaluating benefits
    • Key Performance Indicators / measures
    • Data tracking sheets
    • Customer verbatim
    • Process stakeholder feedback


Increased Ability To Quantify Complex Business Problems, With Clear, Calculable ROI At The End Of Problem Solving Activities

Better Diagnosis Of IT-Related Issues, Based On An Objective, Impartial Analysis, Rather Than Pre-Conceived Ideas Or Technical Bias

Permanent Resolution Of Issues That May, Or Currently Cause, Compliance Issues

Greater Utilisation Of Cross-Functional Teams, And Subject Matter Experts, In The Diagnosis And Permanent Resolution Of A Complex Problem

Reduced External Consultancy Costs As Internal Root-Cause Problem Solving Facilitation Resource Is Developed

Decrease In Operational Challenges, Including Client Complaints, Poor Quality Levels And Low Level Of Productivity

Resolution Of More Complex And Specific Business Issues

Better Head-Start In The Deployment Of A Business-Wide Transformation

Increased Staff Engagement


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