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Helping organisations build the internal capability they require to create their over-arching vision, and shape this into a long-term strategy that can be cascaded throughout the organisation.


Lack of Internal Capability to Effectively Shape, Disseminate And Consistently Deliver The Organisation Strategy

Misalignment Between the Organisation's Strategy And Its Business Processes

Lack of Senior Management Confidence In The Likely Achievement Of The Business Strategy, Objectives, And KPIs

Lack Of Focus On The Overall Organisation's Goals Throughout The Organisation

Conflicting Initiatives
Throughout The Organisation

Lack Of Engagement And Buy-In

Unachieved Targets


Building internal capability and awareness of the importance of strategy deployment is vital in any organisation looking at remaining competitive and ensuring growth. It is also a key element of an organisation’s overall Operational Excellence strategy.

Our 1-day Strategy Deployment Training is based on the combination of the original Japanese theory and our own experience of industry-wide best-practice application – which is generally not covered by text books.

Recognising that Strategy Deployment can be a large undertaking for most organisations, and require a high-degree of senior stakeholder buy-in, our training seeks to demonstrate the impact of greater organisational alignment via interactive, thought-provoking activities; with the clear aim of providing delegates with the business case for adopting the approach.

In addition to walking through the component parts that make up an effective Strategy Deployment process, our training provides an extensive opportunity to apply the learning in a safe environment, with delegates working through a case study where they are required to translate data and organisational aspirations into a coherent strategy; with clear, cascaded points of action.


Greater organisational alignment and operational cohesion

Increased senior management confidence in the likely achievement of strategic aims

Greater staff morale and engagement

Increased strategic clarity throughout the organisation

Greater operational understanding of needs to utilise technology for the wider organisational benefit

Improved alignment between each operational area's tactics and regulatory and compliance requirements

Greater ability to engage the whole organisation in the transformational activities required to comply with new / incoming statutes from regulators


Reinvigoration supported the Senior Leadership team by demystifying work on our strategy during a period of significant change, driven from Group initiatives but also from within our business.
Reinvigoration’s approach to strategy definition and deployment provided us with great clarity during this challenging period. It allowed us to align all of our people and focussed us on the important things that ultimately allowed us to achieve our strategic goals.

Adam Bailey
Head of Cash Operational Strategy - Royal Bank of Scotland


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Deploy Operational Strategy


Deploy Operational Strategy

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