Reinvigoration Co-Launch 1st Online BSc in OpEx with The University of Buckingham

Cardiff-based Operational Excellence (OpEx) consultants and training experts Reinvigoration, have teamed up with the prestigious University of Buckingham to develop the world’s first online Bachelor of Science in Operational Excellence.

The degree has been designed with maximum flexibility to help public and private organisations alike develop internal OpEx capabilities.

Online-BSc - University of Buckingham and Reinvigoration

 From left to right: John Bicheno (Professor of Lean Enterprise, University of Buckingham), Jane Tapsell (Dean of Business School, University of Buckingham), Chris Dando (Partner at Reinvigoration), Kim Pittwood (Business Improvement Centre Manager, University of Buckingham), Pauline Found (Programme Director for the Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence, University of Buckingham).

Professor Pauline Found, Programme Director for the Professional Doctorate in Operational Excellence and Professor of Lean Operations Management at the University of Buckingham said: “We are particularly delighted to launch the BSc in Operational Excellence with Reinvigoration. The degree has no existing equivalent and its full flexibility will strongly benefit both employers and employees. Indeed, the work-based learning approach will enable employers to tailor the learning programme to the specific requirements of their organisation; and the online delivery will benefit employees who will be able to follow the course at the most appropriate time for them, wherever they are based to apply theory and deliver real business benefits.”

“It is the first time such a degree is launched and we are very pleased with the result. Partnering with Reinvigoration came as a natural decision: not only do their team benefit from very strong OpEx knowledge and capability, they also have unprecedented experience in developing bespoke operational management e-learning programmes for public and private organisations.”

“Coupling their business approach and digital capability with our strong academic OpEx methodology and courses has allowed us to design a degree that will support and increase the use of Operational Excellence methodologies in the workplace; helping businesses and public organisations develop stronger operations and be more competitive in the long run.”

The undergraduate work-based degree, taken part-time over 3-years will be delivered through online e-learning modules, with students also completing corporate projects to put their new skills directly into practice, to the full benefit of their employers. Some of the world’s leading figures from the world of OpEx, such as Buckingham’s own John Bicheno, and Darrell Mann, are involved in the development of the course content.

Chris Dando, Partner at Reinvigoration said: “The online BSc in Operational Excellence responds to the demands of today’s employers and employees for a learning & development programme that offers worldwide recognition, full flexibility, as well as consistency in the delivery method and in the content taught – something that is paramount to local and global organisations alike.”

“The course which aims at helping students understand and apply Operational Excellence thinking into the work environment, will be divided into five modules per year. Whilst exams will be sat online for the theoretical part, the work-based projects will be assessed via a presentation made in front of an expert panel.”

Chris Dando added: “Studies show that when it comes to company benefits, Millennials (or Gen Y’s) value training & development and flexible working opportunities over financial benefits. If we add to this the fact that compared to previous generations, they are less likely to stay in the same company for more than 3 years, we understand the necessity for employers to develop training and development opportunities with strong added-value for both parties.”

Professor Pauline Found added: “It is paradoxical that at a time where a lot of organisations need to re-think their management strategy to attract, manage and engage with a new generation of workers, there is no OpEx learning and development solution that is flexible enough to answer employers and employees’ requirements. We have designed the BSc in Operational Excellence with their needs in mind and are delighted to see this new degree come to life.”

Students wishing to enrol will be required to have a minimum of three years’ experience in front-line or support operations and a letter of recommendation from their employer.


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Chris Dando - Reinvigoration

Chris Dando

Ryan King - Reinvigoration

Ryan King

Graham Turnbull - Reinvigoration

Graham Turnbull


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