Reinvigoration is a UK-based consultancy specialising in integrating Operational Excellence with innovation and
cutting-edge technologies to transform service operations.

The vision and passion shared by our team have helped create highly effective and flexible consulting and training approaches, borne out of our years of experience energising businesses through operational transformation.

We recognise that our clients have varied needs and have designed our consulting framework to promote pragmatism and flexibility, ensuring that the approach used is always tailored to the specific outcomes our clients seek to achieve. We believe that these thoughtful, integrated solutions promote real partnerships and drive measurable long term value for our clients and their customers, factors that are very important to us.

Our large delivery team of accredited, experienced consultants and coaches work all over the world, supporting clients from various industries – including financial services, shared services, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, utilities, public sector and retail. The people we hire bring considerable sector experience to the table, making them better placed to deliver outcomes that will succeed within your organisation.


At Reinvigoration, delivering effective results for our clients is a given – but it’s not enough. We want the journey to be as positive, engaging and efficient as possible. That’s why our brand values focus not only on outcomes,
but on approach and attitude.


Capability, capacity and leadership as you need it

While we bring decades of training and practical experience, we don’t presume to understand your organisation before taking the time to learn about your unique challenges and goals.

We realise that all organisations are at different stages of their Operational Excellence journey and that confining you to a single approach – be it Lean, Six Sigma or Agile – doesn’t necessarily work to provide you with an optimal solution. That’s why we focus our efforts into delivering an operational solution that gets the best results for you, with realistic and measurable outcomes whatever your baseline, working openly and in true collaboration with your teams to provide you with a result-oriented solution that perfectly matches your requirements.


Elevating OpEx, whatever your baseline

We offer a depth of practical, industry experience as well as academic training. We know how to bring various OpEx methodologies to life for your employees and can handle and adapt to any challenges that arise.

We believe that whilst capability and experience are key, they are not the only ingredients for success, and work hard to recruit personable and approachable consultants that people at all levels of your organisation will enjoy working with.

In the same way that we do not tolerate arrogance and superiority, we foster a no non-sense approach that focuses on providing you with practical tools that will help you cascade plans in a way that is meaningful to people at all levels of your organisation.


Engaging change from the ground-up

We drive change from the ground-up by working not only with the senior leaders in your business, but by engaging with employees
on the front-line.

Our recommendations and solutions are viable and practical, offering scalable ways to improve capability and optimise resources across departments and regions. You can be confident in the knowledge that our recommendations are always based on a rigorous and thorough assessment of your organisation’s Operational Excellence level of maturity, thanks to our custom-built diagnostic tool, OpAssess, and that the training programmes we deliver are of the highest standards, having been an official and accredited provider of Lean training at all three levels of Cardiff University’s prestigious Lean Competency System for over seven years.


Using innovative technologies to
transform Operational Excellence

We see innovative technologies as an additional lever enabling you to drive Operational Excellence and efficiency within your organisation.

Innovative technologies are embedded within everything we do. We are keen to push the limits of Operational Excellence as we know it, selecting and applying innovative technologies alongside Operational Excellence approaches to allow you to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and stability and answer your operational challenges, thanks to our unique low-cost/low-risk service innovation solutions, including our bespoke e-management solutions, RoboticAssess, Skill Control and OpAssess.


Operational challenges vary greatly from one organisation to another. We offer a number of different solutions to support service operations in their journey to Operations Excellence so whatever the challenge at stake, our highly qualified and experienced team is able to deliver a successful solution based on our structured 6×6 Business Transformation approach and our ability to adapt our core solutions to your business’ specific requirements.

Alleviating Key
Operational Challenges

Helping you improve efficiency, quality, speed and risk to take your operational performance to the next level.

Transforming Your
Service Operations

Supporting you to develop and modernise your Operations Excellence offering and
meet your organisation’s
fast-changing needs.

Overcoming Barriers To Rapid Change

Helping you deliver faster and cheaper technology changes and improve speed to market.

Maintaining Your Competitive Edge

Helping you to out-pace the competition through innovative service design.


Chris Dando - Reinvigoration

Chris Dando

Managing Partner

Chris has 20 years’ experience working within operations and improvement across many industries and has consulted with over 70 organisations. He has a real passion for driving pragmatic change that resonates with those involved.
Chris holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Lean Service Operations and another in Operational Excellence Research Methods and is currently studying a Professional Doctorate in OpEx.

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Ryan King - Reinvigoration

Ryan King

Managing Partner

Ryan is an Operations Excellence expert specialising in supporting organisations to design and deliver their improvement strategies. Ryan has successfully enabled Reinvigoration’s clients to build lean capability at all levels of their organisation, supporting their journey to becoming self-sustainable.
Ryan is one of a small group worldwide to hold an MSc in Lean Service Operations offered by Cardiff University.

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Graham Turnbull - Reinvigoration

Graham Turnbull


Graham’s reputation for creating and delivering enterprise-wide change strategies is amongst the highest regarded in the industry. He is an expert within all aspects of business transformation and specialises in Lean, Agile, RPA and Digital disciplines. Graham challenges the conventional, taking companies through a significant cultural and practical transformation – with the P&L results to match.

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Sean Campbell


Sean is an accomplished and highly effective executive level business transformation leader with over 20 years’ hands-on experience in delivering organisational-wide improvements focused on customer experience, employee engagement, risk mitigation, cost management and enabling business growth. He has led and motivated multi-disciplined teams in a number of sectors including, Financial Services, Government, Telecommunications and Health Care across Europe, The Caribbean, Africa and The Middle East. .

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Caroline Senaffe

Head Of Marketing

Caroline has over 10 years’ experience developing successful marketing campaigns for many organisations in the service and manufacturing sectors across the UK and France. Her passion for developing brand awareness and supporting organisations to drive engagement is at the core of Reinvigoration’s marketing efforts.

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Jill Dando

Office Manager

Jill is our Office Manager and the friendly voice you will hear when calling our head office. She has enjoyed a varied career spanning over 40 years covering accounts, sales, purchasing and customer service. Jill’s multi talents and experience enable her to manage client enquiries and accounts, as well as all office logistics.

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We support major private and public organisations to help them transform their service operations and achieve measurable improvements to process, performance and capabilities. We are honoured to count the following organisations amongst our clients:



Bloom Procurement Services

Our Bloom and Nepro3 accredited status enable public sector organisations to procure our services without the need for a full tender exercise.


LCS Training Programme

We are the only service-sector-specific accredited body certified to provide official Lean Competency System accreditation at level 1, 2 and 3.


Online BSc In Operational Excellence

We have partnered with the prestigious University of Buckingham to develop the only online Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Excellence in the world.


Case Study Business Improvement Services

Business Transformation - BPO

Case Study Business Improvement Central Government

Build Operations Management Capability

Central Government
Case Study Business Improvement Utilities

Improve Operational Profitability - Utilities

Case Study Business Improvement Services Retail

Simplify Business Processes



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  • NEW ONLINE COURSE — Lean Project Practitioner (LCS 1B/C) - Available for individuals and organisations
  • PUBLIC SECTOR NEWS! Procure our services without the need for a full tender
  • Target Operating Model Design - The all-embracing approach


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