Operating Model Design

    Operating Model Design ensures the organisation’s people, processes and technology are configured effectively to deliver the organisational and functional strategies and to meet the needs of customers.

    What is Operating Model Design?

    Operating Model Design is an organisation’s blueprint that facilitates the application of a strategy or customer needs into an organisation. It helps a business to transition from the current operating model to a future state design in order to optimise People, Processes, and Technology.

    An effective operating model will provide a foundation that supports End-to-end Process Improvement, Operational Excellence deployment that delivers customer outcomes.

    When designing an operating model, we use a tried-and-tested approach:

    Changes to the step-by-step chain of activities within the organisation
    Roles, organisation structure
    Infrastructure to support the model

    Our Approach

    When designing an Operating Model Design, we use a tried-and-tested structured approach:

    Operating Model Design info mobile
    4. Infographic

    Benefits Delivered

    This proven, structured approach to Operating Model Design will support your organisation to:

    • Understand what your customers need and align the business to these customer needs
    • Facilitate current state analysis to identify opportunities for improvement
    • Perform detailed analysis on current infrastructure, including systems architecture, people roles and responsibilities, and detailed operations processes
    • Undertake future state Operating Model Design that engages stakeholders across the organisation to develop and deploy an effective model within the organisation

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