Expert Operations Consulting

    We transform your operations and support you to solve specific challenges.

    Our Consultancy Supports Clients in Delivering Excellence

    Reinvigoration’s Expert Operations Consulting team has deep-rooted expertise in operations management, improvement, and transformation. Through our experience, we know what it feels like to face the same challenges that our clients do, and because of this, we have developed tried-and-tested approaches that Deliver Excellence with Certainty in the real world.

    We are the trusted partners of COOs, operations directors, and divisional heads, supporting them in transforming their operations and solving specific challenges. This trust has been gained through our approachable, relatable, and hands-on style, as well as the repeated success that we bring to clients.

    Our scope is global, having transformed the operations of a broad spectrum of industries, bringing revenue growth, cost reduction, improved customer experience, higher quality, better employee engagement, and risk mitigation to those who trust us with their operational challenges.

    Our Core Specialities

    Operations Strategy

    Operations transformation begins with a clear strategy for your operations function. We will help you formulate the strategy with clear, meaningful objectives to govern all activities your division undertakes throughout the coming years. We will assist you to align your team and coach them to cascade objectives and measures top to bottom.

    Operating Model Design

    To successfully deliver on your strategy, it is important that the organisation is set up in a manner that enables you to achieve this. We help you to produce a fresh design across all frameworks of People, Process, and Technology to deliver the needs of your customers.

    End-to-end Process Improvement

    Our structured approach to process redesign places the customer and innovation at the centre. We work with you to produce a new process that is fast, efficient, and promotes exceptional customer experience.

    Operational Excellence

    We have a tried-and-tested model for the improvement in the way that any operations team is managed, driving efficiency and quality. Our programme applies ‘10 golden rules’ of Operational Excellence, coaching your teams how to apply these to the way they work, resulting in tangible improvements.

    Digital Operations Improvement

    Using innovation, we identify opportunities for the digitisation of processes for your internal staff and for customers to be able to undertake self-service. These digital journeys are extremely powerful, enhancing the customer experience and reducing the costs of running your organisation.

    Data Visualisation

    We can help you to visualise your organisation’s data like never before. Using rich visualisation tools we can help you, and coach your teams to, make sense of thousands of pieces of data, producing informative and visually appealing real-time dashboards.

    What our clients say


    We value the strategic relationship we have with all our clients. Likewise, learn why our clients across industries and sectors chose Reinvigoration to help them reinvigorate their business operations.

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