Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence is the application of ten core principles of world class team management to any operations team. This typically provides a 10-15% efficiency improvement immediately upon deployment.

    What is Operational Excellence?

    Operational Excellence typically achieves a 10-15% efficiency improvement.

    Operational Excellence is a collection of ten core tools that, when combined and deployed within any operations team, delivers a significant enhancement to efficiency, quality and speed.

    10 Core Tools of Operational Excellence

    10 Core Tools of Operational Excellence

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    Our Approach

    Operational Excellence is achieved through the specific training and coaching of every team member on the tools and techniques needed to understand their customers and drive their performance, and that of their team, in line with the customer needs.

    We coach and support the teams in a hands-on manner to deploy the techniques within their workplace, providing them with ‘lightbulb’ moments of awareness.

    The techniques are categorised into three aspects:

    Performance Measurement
    Understanding the needs of the customer and developing measures that can be tracked to show the customer purpose is being met.
    Performance Management
    Optimising the team through visible performance boards, effective huddles, skills management, and capacity optimisation.
    Performance Improvement
    We teach all teams how to identify performance and process issues, and resolve problems for themselves using tried-and-tested techniques.
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