End-to-end Process Improvement

    End-to-end Process Improvement uses a structured approach to redesigning a process to remove inefficiency, irritations and hand-offs. This reduces the internal costs by typically 15-20% whilst providing customers with faster, better quality services.

    What is End-to-end Process Improvement?

    End-to-end Process Improvement typically achieves a 15-20% efficiency improvement.

    End-to-end Process Improvement is a structured approach to the redesign of processes that span an entire organisation. These processes typically cut across many departments and teams and have a good deal of waste, delay, and pain-points within.

    To ensure customers are achieving the highest quality service, in the quickest possible manner, whilst keeping costs as low as can be for your organisation, End-to-end Process Improvement is applied.

    Our Approach

    We typically involve a cross-functional team from all parts of the process and other enabling functions, such as IT and Finance, to map out the current state and develop a new future state that creates a step-change in performance:

    4 Steps to End-to-end Process Improvement

    4 Steps to End-to-end Process Improvement

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    We prepare by identifying the data and stakeholders we need to involve.
    Performance is benchmarked and the process is mapped, identifying opportunities for improvement.
    A new process is created with the team and then deployed in a test pilot, running side-by-side with the old process.
    After a short period of time, the new data can be compared with the old process to determine what improvement has been achieved.

    Current-state processes can be prioritised on a cost-basis and compared with the cost of future-state process designs.

    End-to-end Process Improvement typically achieves a 15-20% efficiency improvement.

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