Lean Training & Certification

    We certify learners in Lean Competency through Cardiff University and also enable our clients to achieve accreditation status.

    What are Lean Training Courses?

    Lean training courses are educational programs that teach the principles and methodologies of Lean thinking. These courses are designed to help individuals and organisations improve their processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary activities, minimising defects, and improving customer satisfaction.

    Reinvigoration is an accredited body that offers Lean Competency Certification from Cardiff University. External certification provides a quality assured approach to tracking and achieving operational excellence competences across the organisation.

    Our Approach

    A complete development pathway for Operational Excellence Professionals:
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    Benefits Delivered

    Online Lean Training Courses:

    • Offers learners real university-certified qualifications
    • Provides learners a 12-month access to revisit learning when required
    • Practical and engaging exercises with real-life examples
    • Perfect for creating Lean/Operational Excellence awareness across teams
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    Lean Competency System Training Courses

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