Online Learning Development

    Embed knowledge and capability within your organisation in a flexible and cost-effective way.

    What is Online Learning Development?

    Online learning development involves the design, development, and implementation of online courses, modules, and materials that enable learners to access education and training from anywhere.

    It incorporates various multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, simulations, and interactive activities to enhance the learning experience. As a part of a blended learning approach, accessible online learning provides flexibility, agility and scalability to your organisation.

    Our Approach

    Key steps in creating Bespoke Online Learning:
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    Benefits Delivered

    Online Learning Development:

    • Bespoke content aligned to the desired learning objectives
    • Custom branded learning aligned with the corporate look and feel
    • Created with the required accessibility needs and in any language
    • Strong subject matter expertise in Operational Excellence
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    We create world class, interactive, innovative and engaging online learning courses. Our learning courses can be created using a number of different media options to provide a truly immersive and effective learning experience.

    Interactivity & Gamification

    Using gamification in online learning can enhance motivation, retention, and critical thinking skills. Gamification provides an opportunity to create a sense of achievement through rewards, badges, and levels which means learners are more engaged and more likely to remember the concepts they are learning.

    Our experts have extensive experience in incorporating gamification into online learning providing a truly immersive, interactive and successful learning experience.

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    Animation & Video

    Animation and video increases engagement and understanding in online learning by creating a more dynamic and visually appealing learning environment. 

    By using animation and video in your online learning we can demonstrate complex concepts and processes to help learners’ understanding and retention of the information. 


    Graphic Design 

    Graphic design plays a vital role in online learning, as it enhances the visual appeal and clarity of the content presented. 

    At Reinvigoration we understand the importance of exceptional graphic design to create an enjoyable experience and to make the content accessible and easy to understand.

    By using visual aids, learners can better retain and recall information, which ultimately leads to better learning outcomes. With our professional graphic design, our online learning is intuitive and interactive which keeps learners engaged and motivated.


    Localisation & Translation 

    At Reinvigoration we understand the need for our clients to be able to provide online learning across their organisation in several different languages.

    By investing in localisation you can create a more inclusive, consistent and effective training program that meets the needs of learners worldwide. We have the capability and experience of translating interactive online learning into 130 different languages. 



    Benefits Delivered

    • More accessible to a broader range of learners, including those who speak different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds
    • Learners can relate to the material, which enhances their engagement and motivation to learn
    • Consistent training to employees worldwide, regardless of their location, which maintains a consistent level of quality
    • Organisations demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, which can enhance their brand image and reputation.


    By designing online learning content with accessibility in mind, you can create a more inclusive, engaging, and user-friendly learning experience for all learners.

    Reinvigoration will work with you to agree the accessibility requirements of your organisation. We partner with staff disability associations and workers councils to ensure all solutions are widely inclusive. 

    What our clients say


    We value the strategic relationship we have with all our clients. Likewise, learn why our clients across industries and sectors chose Reinvigoration to help them reinvigorate their business operations.

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