Operations Strategy

    Developing a functional operations strategy is pivotal to ensure that your operation is able to contribute effectively to the overarching goals of the organisation and ensure that all activities are aligned to its achievement.

    What is an Operations Strategy?

    An operations strategy enables you and your teams to achieve the goals of the organisation. It is a way of describing how you are going to get things done. Without a clearly defined strategy, budget and resources can be wasted on activities that are not aligned to the overall aims of the business, and teams will not understand their role to play in achieving success. A good operations strategy will ensure that all teams are commonly aligned and fully understand their purpose.

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    Our Approach

    The strategy will reflect the overall vision, mission, and objectives of the organisation but can also be used to support programmes and initiatives.

    Key steps in deploying an Operations Strategy:

    Work with the Executive Leadership to align with common goals.
    Define the roadmap to achieve strategic objectives with key milestones for delivery.
    Review all projects to confirm they align with the strategy. Where they do not, projects MUST be retired.
    Provide coaching to develop the strategy and cascade this to all levels within the organisation.
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