Are you someone of exceptional ability and relevant skills who would like to work as an Operational Excellence
consultant for Reinvigoration?

You will have seen the approach that Reinvigoration takes, the clients we have worked with and the genuine enthiusiasm and passion from our team – do you have the necessary attributes to become an Operational Excellence Consultant with Reinvigoration?

As we work for leading organisations in the UK and overseas we need to ensure that only the best people represent us and have therefore invested heavily in creating a recruitment process that truly identifies top talent. 95% of applicants don’t make it, meaning that our clients benefit greatly by working with the 5% who do.

Due to the increasing demand from new and current clients, including in fields such as RPA and Agile, opportunities to work for Reinvigoration come up regularly. Please contact our office to find out more about our recruitment process.


Experienced consultants who get the job done, without wasting client time or money.

Great business to work for. Wonderful team and clients.

It is refreshing to work for a company that still has a passion and a pride in delivering results to its customers.

It was amazing to see how Reinvigoration manages to match the skills of the consultants with the requirements of the clients – a perfect match.

Although the recruitment process was challenging, I was so pleased to be successful and be able to join the team at a blue-chip company.

Reinvigoration is a different type of consultancy delivering value for money bespoke solutions to businesses. Its core values are embedded in the Lean philosophy – as a company it practices what it preaches.

They have the ability to be sensible and pragmatic without being aggressive or arrogant.

Reinvigoration is a professional firm that shows a genuine concern and empathy for its people and its clients while being focused on genuine value add delivery.

Perhaps the blue collar consultancy approach from practically minded lean experts who quickly adapt their thinking to each client’s business.