Advanced Improvement Practitioner Course

    Lean Competency System - Level 2a
    Open Course: 10th-12th July, London (plus remote options)

    About the course

    Our 3-day Advanced Improvement Practitioner Course aims at developing the key skills and attributes required of a senior, self-starting improvement practitioner.

    The course adds significant depth to the basic fundamentals of the Operations Excellence Management System taught at LCS 1B and 1C, with a specific focus on handling related implementation challenges.

    Delegates will be provided with a breadth of diagnosis tools and techniques to help them identify a much wider variety of organisational improvement opportunities.
    The course will also provide them with a practical model for approaching complex transformations, spanning multiple department or functions and allow them to develop an appreciation of the people-related skills required to mobilise and sustain change.

    Key Benefits

    • Individuals will learn alternative improvement methods that will equip them with far more technical skills, enabling them to make a bigger difference
    • Organisations will gain individuals who are competent at delivering large improvements using many methods. this capability also develops others.


    The Advanced Improvement Practitioner Course is a 3-day course run in-house, exclusively for your staff.

    We will be delighted to organise a training session for your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and preferred dates.

    (Please note that a minimum of 6 to 12 participants is required to run the course.)

    Course Outline


    Delegates must have been successfully accredited at full Lean Competency System Level 1 OR be working in a suitable role.

    E.g. Mid-level Leaders e.g. AVP/VP, CI Practitioners/Coaches.


    Strategy Deployment

    • Course introductions and expectations
    • Background and theory of strategy deployment
    • Articulating vision statements
    • Using the X-Matrix to shape the goal cascade
    • Strategy deployment case study

    Project Governance

    • Launching improvements projects -  incorporating project identification scoping and stakeholder management
    • Benefits management -  incorporating benefits identification and tracking
    • Managing improvement project delivery - incorporating governance, team management and close-down


    Advanced Analysis Tools 

    • Current state organisational analysis
    • 3 forms of operational losses - incorporating overall process efficiency (OPE)
    • Levers to optimise operational performance


    Psychology of Change

    • Understanding change
    • Change models - incorporating change readiness assessments


    Coaching Skills

    • Coaching skills and models
    • LCS level 2A certification requirements


    Take the next step towards becoming a senior, self-starting improvement practitioner and deliver more significant improvements.

    Open course: 10th-12th July, London (plus remote options)

    LCS Accreditation

    LCS accreditation

    LCS - Lean Competency System Accreditation - Reinvigoration

    This course is aligned to Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System (LCS) at Level 2A.

    The LCS was created by Cardiff University’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre and has set the standards for high quality Lean education for over a decade. It remains the leading academically recognised Lean qualification worldwide.

    The LCS Framework has three categories and seven levels of competency covering the entire spectrum of Lean knowledge and applications; with each level focussing on a specific set of competencies. Reinvigoration is one of only a few that provides training at all levels. Please view the below LCS Roadmap for an overview of Reinvigoration’s LCS Development Path, including pre-requisites, benefits and duration for each course.

    2. illustration-1


    Accreditation Criteria

    Accreditation is optional. Participants wishing to achieve accreditation will need to submit a workbook evidencing their project delivery.

    Delegates can choose to either self-support the submission of their workbook or to benefit from the support of one of our coaches.



    Enquire Now

    Face-to-Face course:

    £2,000 + VAT per delegate.

    Open course: 10th-12th July, London (plus remote options)


    LCS 2A accreditation fee (optional):

    Option 1: £495 + VAT per delegate.

    Learners self support the submission of their workbook (1 submission opportunity).


    Option 2: £995 + VAT per delegate.

    Learners are supported by a coach during remote sessions. 3 coaching sessions are provided.