Driving a Lean Leadership Development Programme for Large-Scale LCS Roll-Out for Barclays

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    How Reinvigoration Helped Drive a Lean Leadership Development Programme for Barclays

    Executive Summary

    Barclays required a programme of lean leadership development to support a large-scale Lean Competency System roll-out programme. They decided to engage Reinvigoration to run multiple one-day Senior Lean Leader courses. Read on to find out how Reinvigoration played a pivotal role in Barclays’ adoption of lean culture and maturity of operational excellence through a large-scale Lean Competency System roll-out.



    Client Overview

    Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, and wealth management. Established in 1690, Barclays is one of the oldest and most well-known banks in the United Kingdom. It offers a wide range of banking services for both personal and business customers. Barclays has a strong online presence and offers a variety of digital banking products and services. The bank also has an extensive network of branches across the UK.

    The Challenge

    • The client required a programme of lean leadership development to increase engagement from senior leaders in fostering a lean culture.
    • The scale of the programme consisted of 150+ senior leaders globally across the bank in Retail, Investment Banking, Card Operations, India Operations, and Human Resources.
    • The aim was to resolve issues such as lack of leadership engagement, which was identified as a key blocker to lean leadership development.

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    The Solution

    Barclays engaged Reinvigoration to run multiple one-day Senior Lean Leader courses.

    How Reinvigoration helped:

    1. We started with the executive lead of each function. Upon completing the course at an Executive level, the scope of the course broadened to encompass the next level of leaders in each function.
    2. At the end of each Senior Leader course, the leaders in attendance needed to complete the Lean Maturity Matrix for their area to baseline the current situation and plan future actions required to progress.
    3. The courses were followed up with one-to-one coaching, covering diverse topics, such as strategic alignment, role modelling, and culture change.

    The Outcomes

    Reinvigoration led Lean Leadership Training and coaching for Barclays, resulting in:

    • More consistent lean leadership behaviours across multiple areas of the bank
    • Increased engagement from senior leaders in fostering a lean culture
    • Practical steps taken by leaders to engage with employees and role model lean behaviours.

    The Conclusion

    Reinvigoration's programme had a significant impact on Barclays. The programme provided support in multiple areas with the definition and cascade of strategic objectives. The increase in understanding of the lean journey led to a high level of operations excellence maturity.

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