Unlocking A UK Government Regulatory Body’s True Potential by Optimising Their Business Case Portal App

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    How Reinvigoration Resolved and Optimised A UK Government Regulatory Body’s Business Case Portal to Perform to Its Full Potential 

    Executive Summary

    A UK government regulatory body's Business Case Portal is a product that was developed internally to manage requests for goods, services, and resourcing. There were some functionality issues with the portal and the regulatory body did not have the internal capability to fix these issues or make changes in the future. That’s when they approached Reinvigoration to fill the gap in the reg's Power Apps capability.

    Find out how Reinvigoration successfully resolved several functionality issues with the internally developed Business Case Portal app, and are providing ongoing service desk support to fill the client's gap in capability for Power Apps development. 


    The Challenge

    The client's Business Case Portal, made to manage requests for goods, services, and resourcing ran into problems that negatively impacted its functionality. They found themselves without the internal capability to fix these issues so needed external support. 


    The Solution

    Reinvigoration filled the gap in the client's Power App capabilities and made changes to the app’s approval workflow, email distribution, and management of cases which required a complete overhaul for it to function as intended.

    How Reinvigoration helped:

    • Fixed several elements within the portal that limited functionality, including the “Draft”, “Submitted”, “Save” and “Delegate” buttons that needed additional functionality to operate.
    • Revised the system’s workflow to ensure business cases go to the right people for approval, in the correct order.
    • Created new additions in the digital environment upon implementing these new functionalities, then tested and then deployed them in the live system.


    The Outcomes

    Changes to the app made it fit for purpose, eliminating repeat work, wasteful activities, and errors occurring within this government regulatory body. These app optimisations allowed them to direct, track, and monitor all their business cases from one centralised source.

    The Conclusion

    Reinvigoration successfully revised the Business Case Portal app, fixing several functionality issues that had a negative impact on its usability. This allowed the regulatory body to have a single working platform for all business cases, which eliminated repeat work, wasteful activities and errors. Reinvigoration is now looking to further develop the portal with additional compliance and deferment issues in mind. 

    Overall, Reinvigoration was able to help them overcome an obstacle that limited their internal capability, allowing them to continue functioning effectively and efficiently.

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