Achieving £26M of Savings for Vodafone by Optimising Operational Excellence

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    How Reinvigoration Helped Vodafone Save £26M and Elevate Global Operational Excellence

    Executive Summary

    Vodafone Finance Operations’ Head of Continuous Improvement wanted to optimise the organisation’s processes across their global operations to provide better quality and faster outcomes at a lower cost. They needed to set up a system that tackled issues unique to each locality, but lacked the internal capacity to move forward. 

    The client’s Continuous Improvement team approached Reinvigoration to work on Operational Excellence and process improvement workstreams. Learn how Reinvigoration helped Vodafone develop a triage process for support and tracking benefits, upskill their own team to become self-sufficient, and ultimately realise £26 million in financial savings. 



    Client Overview


    Vodafone Group is a leading global technology communications company, operating in 24 countries with partnerships in 41 nations. Servicing over 635 million customers globally, the Group provides domestic and international voice and data, machine-to-machine services, mobile email, mobile broadband, managed services, mobile payment, and mobile recording for consumers and businesses.

    The Challenge

    Vodafone Finance Operations is based across 20 local markets. The Head of Continuous Improvement wanted to streamline end-to-end processes whilst tackling local issues that could not be resolved centrally through a sustainable deployment of Operational Excellence. The Continuous Improvement team only had a limited capacity to support the business.

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    The Solution

    The Continuous Improvement team at Vodafone knew that there was an opportunity to achieve significant savings through the deployment of Operational Excellence alongside new global end-to-end processes to provide better quality outcomes, at a lower cost, with a much higher speed of delivery. That’s when they approached Reinvigoration.

    How Reinvigoration helped:

    • Developed a triage process that filtered requests for help into the most value-added and provided resources to deploy these interventions.
    • Assessed the skills of the internal team, providing coaching to upskill them.
    • Identified local champions to coach Continuous Improvement skills in each country.

    Achieving-£26M-of-Savings-for-Vodafone-by-Optimising-Operational-Excellence_Image – 2

    The Outcomes

    Reinvigoration helped Vodafone to:

    • Successfully coach 2,500 people across 20 countries in Operational Excellence whilst supporting the internal Continuous Improvement team to deploy End-to-end interventions.
    • Realise £26 million in financial savings through local teams having the capability to problem solve using the Operations Excellence techniques.
    • Achieve large improvements on service measures globally, including Paid on Time, Assets Under Construction Balance, Payments Received on Time, Invoices Processed Right First Time On Time etc., which were all tracked as part of a virtual benefits tracking portal.

    The Conclusion

    Reinvigoration was able to help Vodafone improve their operations by coaching 2,500 people across the 20 countries. This led to over £26 million in financial savings and an improvement in problem-solving skills across the board. Vodafone saw a massive optimisation of service measures globally as a result.

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