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    How Reinvigoration developed an Operational Excellence Academy across a global organisation

    Executive Summary

    Reinvigoration effectively established an Operational Excellence Academy for a global manufacturing organisation facing the challenge of standardising operations across diverse sites. Reinvigoration developed a comprehensive Operations Excellence Learning Curriculum, which was then translated into eight languages, facilitating consistent capability building worldwide. This initiative resulted in improved global Lean maturity, demonstrating the Academy's effectiveness in promoting a standardised approach to Operational Excellence.

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    Client Overview 

    The organisation is a leading global specialty minerals company that creates impactful solutions for humanity’s sustainability challenges in the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets. 
    The Company employs approximately 12,000 employees worldwide and operates 48 plants in 13 countries worldwide in strategic locations.


    The Challenge

    The global manufacturing organisation needed to establish a standardised approach to Operational Excellence across its diverse manufacturing sites. While the organisation had local lean expertise for training and coaching, there was a crucial requirement for learning materials to be created, translated, and localised in eight different languages. The goal was to enable consistent capability building and ensure a uniform approach to Operational Excellence across all sites.

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    The Solution

    Reinvigoration undertook the challenge of developing a comprehensive learning curriculum to meet these specific needs and facilitate effective global implementation. Reinvigoration worked with the organisation to develop the learning materials which included online learning, training presentations, on-the-job exercises, facilitator guides and assessments and then had all of the materials translated into eight different languages to enable a standardised approach to Operational Excellence across its global manufacturing sites.


    How Reinvigoration helped:

    • We partnered with subject matter experts in the business to understand their approaches to operations excellence and collect photos, templates and case studies.
    • Our learning specialists developed online learning courses, training courses, facilitator guides, on-the-job exercises and assessments in English language and had these signed off by the Head of Operational Excellence for the organisation.
    • Our translations team managed the translation of all seven modules into Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Dutch languages.


    The Outcomes

    • The global organisation were able to deliver learning across their whole organisation using local language materials.
    • A standard approach to tools such as Value Stream Mapping, Standard Work, 5S, and Quick Changeovers were adopted and practiced throughout all manufacturing plants worldwide.
    • Lean maturity globally was able to improve regardless of location or language

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    The Conclusion

    Reinvigoration's Operational Excellence Academy proved instrumental in achieving a standardised and globally applicable approach to Operational Excellence, fostering improved Lean maturity across the organisation's diverse manufacturing sites.

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