Operational Excellence & Process Transformation Summit & Awards 2024

    We were delighted to be sponsors of the prestigious Operational Excellence & Process Transformation Summit & Awards, 20-22 March 2024, in Munich Germany. 

    OPEX Munich 2024-2

    With cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI and RPA reaching maturity, Operational Excellence is on a meteoric rise, paving the stage for runaway automation of many business processes and even knowledge-intensive activities. Both frameworks (such as Lean, Six Sigma, and others) and technologies (such as Digital, AI, and others) have much to offer the industry in terms of boosting the overall value of businesses.

    But why are so many businesses failing in their Digital Transformation efforts?
    Is it possible that they lack a firm foundation in Operational Excellence?

    Simultaneously, timeless disciplines such as leading change, the necessity of soft skills, particularly in the face of shifting intergenerational expectations and objectives and knowing how to establish and shape organizational culture demand new focus and interpretation. The summit will therefore focus on key areas which relate to today’s environment for Operational Excellence professionals.

    Reinvigoration will be on stage, sharing key insights and case studies:

    • The Formula for Operational Excellence Success: 
    • Thursday 21 March, 11am


    If you are attending the event we would love to catch up so please do book a call with us.