Rapid Business Diagnostic: Cut costs and drive performance through Operations Analysis

    The current economic climate is challenging for many businesses. To weather the storm, you need to cut costs, drive profitability, meet customer demands and streamline operations – fast. 

    Our Rapid Business Diagnostic is designed to deliver real-world results, quickly, and with a price point that is extremely affordable. Performance improvements that not only support short-term survival but deliver long-term success. 



    Rapid Business Diagnostic: The Process 


    Icons-5Step 1. Initial Consultation
    Meet for an hour with one of our expert consultants to discuss your unique circumstances. We will cover the process in detail and ensure you understand how we quickly identify savings and other benefits for delivery. There is zero risk and no obligation to continue after the consultation. 

    Icons-10Step 2. Business Health Check
    The approach blends interviews, survey information and data analysis to provide an initial prognosis and an indication of the benefits that can be realised. We will produce a high-level report covering indicative opportunities. This phase is exceptionally low cost and enables you to achieve a high degree of certainty over savings, and confidence that improvements can be made.

    14. Icons 7Step 3. Detailed Diagnostic
    A thorough deep dive into Finance, Customer, and Operations aspects of your organisation using detailed analysis to pinpoint specific opportunities that can be delivered for significant tangible benefits.
    We will prioritise opportunities for maximum traction and provide you with detailed action plans for implementation. This will equip you with precisely what to do, how to do it, and data backed evidence of the tangible benefits 

    Operations Analysis, Part of Phase 3 in Detail 

    Organisations must be agile and responsive to rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and drive positive change. At the heart of this lies Operations Analysis, the final phase of our Rapid Business Diagnostic service. This crucial step focuses on optimising how products or services are delivered, ensuring efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. In this blog I will explore the areas we will scrutinise to uncover the main drivers of current issues.

    You might also be interested in my other blogs which explore the other aspects of Phase 3 of our Rapid Business Diagnostic: Finance Analysis and Customer Analysis.

    Understanding the core elements of your operations is crucial to building a clear picture of how your business is performing, and what we would expect to see based on our best practice experience.

    We will build a clear picture for you of the specific opportunities we find, how these quantify to improvement benefits, and how these can be realised.

    Some of the key elements we will assess are as follows:

    Operations Strategy: We will help you to assess your strategic objectives for operations and assess these alongside the commercial aspects of your business. We will ascertain if they are logical and have been cascaded effectively through the business. This is important in achieving alignment with your whole team, and being able to assess where you are in this journey with meaningful metrics is the first step.

    Performance Metrics: Evaluating what measures you have in place to track performance. These ideally need to be aligned to your strategic objectives and cascaded throughout your organisation key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the performance of your operational processes. We will assess these metrics and determine how effective you are now.

    Performance Management: How your management team manage performance is also vital to driving an effective business. We will look into how metrics are used in a live environment, and how your teams are using these to manage the performance of processes and people. 

    Operating Model: We will compare your operating model with your strategy to ensure you are designed for success. Sometimes, we will see clients with organisational designs that do not support their goals. Changes to this blueprint often release savings and optimise performance.

    Channels and processes: We will ascertain how your channels (digital, face-to-face, telephony etc) and the processes that underpin these are performing. A cross reference to our Customer Analysis will identify any service issues, and we will look at the efficiency of the process designs, cycle times, throughput, and waste. Demand versus capacity analysis will identify any over or under staffing.

    Inventory Management: If applicable, we will analyse inventory levels and turnover rates to optimise cashflow. We can help to implement strategies such as just-in-time inventory, and kanban to minimise cash tied up in inventory or WIP.

    Supply Chain Optimisation: We will examine if there are any issues that are being caused by your supply chain to identify potential risks and opportunities. We will look for cost reduction, risk mitigation, and evaluate if they are causing any delays.

    Operations Analysis Action Plan  

    Once we have conducted the above analysis, we will provide clear opportunities for improvement, all backed by data, prioritised for implementation, together with a clear action plan that shows what to do and how to do it.

    These insights from are compiled into a professional, board-quality report, which can be used with your team, investors, or third parties.

    This will provide everyone involved with the clarity needed to turn your situation around. If you would like us to help you with the hands-on implementation of the plan, we would also be glad to help

    Find out more about our Rapid Business Diagnostic service and contact us for your free Initial Consultation today.

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    Graham is a Managing Partner at Reinvigoration. His reputation for creating and delivering enterprise-wide change is amongst the highest regarded in the industry. He is an expert within all aspects of operations and transformation, challenging the conventional, simplifying the complex, and taking a hands-on approach to delivery – with the P&L results to match. You can get in touch with him directly by Email or connect on LinkedIn.


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