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Unlocking Value for Service Businesses: <br>A Quick Guide to Demand Analysis
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Unlocking Value for Service Businesses:
A Quick Guide to Demand Analysis

What is Demand Analysis? How can identifying the different types of demand help you to improve performance? Our infographic gives you all the answers…

Demand analysis is a fantastic technique to use when diagnosing an organisation’s current state of performance. Not only does it help to understand the organisation’s ability to meet customer requirements, it can also indicate other areas of the business which are causing failure demand.

To give you a head start we have designed a quick guide that will help you categorise the different types of demand and take appropriate action. Whilst this might look like a simple exercise at first, a few extra words of advice might help you to maximise results:

#1 Never fail to keep your organisation’s strategic goals in mind.
Whatever changes you may have to apply to the services you offer to remain competitive and attractive to your customers, be mindful that all change activity needs to contribute to the realisation of your strategic goals.

#2 Demand is all about customers…
…but how many different customer profiles does your organisation need to cater for? Remember that ‘one size doesn’t always fit all’: what may be opportunity demand for one customer group might not work for everyone.

#3 Customers are internal and external, so include both when you analyse demand.
Give every internal team involved an opportunity to speak and you might be surprised with how much you will learn.

#4 Think beyond the boundaries of your own organisation.
Analyse any external factor that could impact customer demand in addition to the processes that you operate.

#5 Customer demand changes constantly.
Designing processes that allow you to absorb variations in demand will allow your organisation to better adapt and stay competitive as well as profitable.

Unlocking Value for Service Businesses – A Quick Guide to Demand Analysis

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