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Reinvigoration’s Team Event to Launch the new Brand
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Reinvigoration’s Team Event to Launch the new Brand

Reinvigoration are holding a Team Event in Birmingham on 24th July for all of their employees in order to cascade their 2 year strategy and launch the new brand, that many of their team helped to create.

This networking event will involve all our office personnel, management team and the whole consulting & training practice and is evidence of the company’s aim to create one effective passionate team.

A walkthrough of the new consulting and training products is scheduled so the team can use these through their delivery within our clients. This will include our online Operational Assessments Tool, Optivine – Our Strategy Deployment Software and our new E-Learning packages.

The rebranding of the business will be officially launched which includes a new website, a fresh logo and new document designs. This aligns with the strategy of supporting Excellence in Shared Services and Financial Services operations.

The event will allow our wider team to network by sharing knowledge and experiences with each other. There are scheduled speakers who will share progress of current projects we are delivering for clients including successes and lessons learned.

This is an example of how Reinvigoration use feedback from their team to help them continuously improve. We simply wouldn’t be here today without our great team and all their input. We all live and breathe Reinvigoration values and beliefs. We pride ourselves in the way we do business, putting clients’ needs first and focusing on positive outcomes.